Asian wine

Although rice wine, sake, was favored for centuries, the rising popularity of European wine in Asia (China) has prompted a insurgence of wine and vineyards in Asian. Of course, the climate determines everything. Asian wine is on the rise.

Chinese wine

Almost 80% of the wine consumed in China is produced domestically. But the remaining 20% is imported from foreign countries, including France, Australia, Italy, USA, Chile and South Africa.

Grape Production in China

The annual grape production has increased steadily for the last 20 years. It attained 2,358,200 tonnes in 1998, 18.7 times more than in 1979. Most of this production was for table grapes and only about 10 percent for wine making and another 10 percent for raisins. The main areas of expansion are located in the north. The five leading provinces that contributed more than two thirds of the total grape production in the country in 1998 were Xingjiang, Hebei, Shangdong, Liaoning and Henan.

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